Baritone & Bass Ukes

Baton Rouge BR-V2B Baritone Ukulele


Goodness me this is an absolute bargain! The BR-V2B baritone from Baton Rouge looks fine, it is quite plain, but unfussy. It has Aquila strings and decent geared tuners. It isn’t as finely finished as more expensive instruments, no - but goodness me, it puts a lot of more expensive baritones to shame with its tone.

Recently Jerry, who is in the same band as me, came to visit. He quite fancied a baritone, but it scared he’ll get it in the neck from his wife if he comes home with another instrument. He was taken aback at how good the tone was from this BR-V2B, rich, loud, and yet able to pick out delicate melodies. Honestly, if you’re not bothered about all solid woods, bling and fancy extras, you’d be hard pressed to improve on this ukulele for quality of sound.

I’m in the business of selling ukuleles, so yes, it is tempting to say lots of lovely things about instruments to help them find owners, but I am lucky to be able to choose instruments I like - and I like this a lot. I can then talk about how great I find them with complete honesty!

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