Baritone & Bass Ukes

Freshman Ebony Baritone Ukulele - gCEA tuning


This is a very pretty looking laminate baritone ukulele, with some great visual features, a striking tone and nice playability. At first glance, there’s a lot uke for your money - but, if you look very closely, there is the odd tiny finish imperfection - nothing that you can notice without specifically looking for flaws though. That’s the trade-off compared to similar specification instruments from, say, Kala, where this would be £200 or more. It gives you a nice sounding instrument, at a great price, for a nicely finished, but not 100% perfect instrument.

One thing to note early on with this instrument is that it is strung gCEA with Aquila Nylgut strings. So, high G, re-entrant tuning, in effect like a big tenor. Even with this combination, the volume, sustain and depth of tone from the baritone sized body is evident - but… if you would like regular baritone DGBE strings, or even GCEA strings with a low G, contact me and I can arrange this.

This Freshman baritone ukulele, with the great code-name, UKEBONYBAR, has a lot of nice decorative touches, like an abalone inlay around the soundhole and two types of rope style patterns in the binding and purfling. Add to that the very nice patterns on the ebony veneer and you have a nice looking baritone uke!

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