Baritone & Bass Ukes

Kala KA-ABP8-CTG 8-String Baritone Ukulele


If you're after something with huge projection, beautiful looks and a distinctive 'difference factor', this long-awaited 8-string baritone is well worth a look.

Kala's solid cedar top and acacia back and sides series has been really popular, given its relative affordability compared to quality. Recently in conversation with Mike Upton, head of Kala, I told him they were too cheap! (See, you can always count on me to fight the consumer's corner... oh, hang on...)

Anyway, silliness aside, the quality, finish, balance and tremendous tone make this 8-string baritone a serious consideration for the uke player who (formerly) had everything! The volume is incredible, tone, rich and far-reaching, and it looks gorgeous too.

The gloss finish adds a lovely shine to the tight grain of the solid red cedar top, while the bright red padauk binding is eye catching as well as harmoniously blended with the pinky-red blush that the cedar has.

Strummed and the volume is really amazing. Picked and a folky, luscious tone emerges. It is dazzling to look at and a delight to play. Tuning is High D, D, G, High G, then pairs of B's and E's. A refined powerhouse.


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