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Kala KA-ASAC-B All Solid Acacia Baritone Ukulele


If you are after depth and richness, then this all solid acacia baritone from Kala could well be for you. The Kala KA-ASAC-B is naturally deep because of its baritone body size, but even in the baritone world it has a loud, rolling bassy kind of feel that makes it stand out. Play one of these at your ukulele club and you’ll definitely stand out, adding a lot more to the lower end of the sound spectrum.

The acacia used to make the KA-ASAC-B is very pretty, with lots of interesting things going on with the grain. Light streaks next to dark ones, punctuated with threads of staccato grain. All in all, especially when seen next to the fishbone style purfling and soundhole rosette, it is an attractive, natural looking baritone ukulele. The good looks don’t end there however, with interesting fretboard markers and a really fetching slotted headstock, the latter with a later of ebony underneath the acacia veneer that makes it look very pretty.

Grover tuners are fitted to the Kala KA-ASAC-B baritone ukulele, which work well with the fitted Aquila strings. These have two wound bass strings, which contribute to that big bottom end (most of us have that problem when we eat too much cake…). This seems a good string match, as the nylgut treble strings are quite bright, something that is needed with all that solid acacia-induced bassyness. Is bassyness a word. Bassiness? You’d think someone like me in the ukulele business would know their bassiness from their bassyness wouldn’t you?

Right, moving on – before the men in white coats come for me… The KA-ASAC-B arrives with the action a touch high for my tastes. Mindful that low action can mute the volume a little, I take the ebony saddle down a little to make fretting easier – without compromising on volume. To be honest, it is really loud and booming out of the box, so not much chance of muting this uke! Although the 37mm nut width isn’t super-wide in baritone terms, the lower tension of the Aquila strings coupled with the action adjustment makes this a very pleasant uke to play.

Everyone needs a baritone in their life, and if you are inclined to increase your collection with the addition of one, you could do far worse than improve it with a Kala KA-ASAC-B.

Despite more and more ukulele models out there, there is still not much in the higher end arena for electro baritone ukuleles. Zoe Bestel found this, and had a Mi-Si pickup fitted to the KA-ASAC-B she has. We can do that for you too, given a few extra days, and you can choose that option if you wish!


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