Baritone & Bass Ukes

Kala KA-B Baritone Ukulele


Kala's laminate mahogany, good quality series for serious beginners (and in the case of the baritone, for those who want a decent bari to experiment with), has been on the go since 2005. There is a reason for that longevity - they've got a good solid tone, neat construction and, over the years, the set up has been much improved.

While fairly plain to look at, the mahoany veneer does have some nice grain close up, and the cream ABS binding adds a little classiness to this satin finish instrument.

There's a walnut fingerboard and bridge, closed geared tuners that seem very robust, and Aquila strings, tuned DGBE. These are good with this relatively inexpensive instrument, with some deep, rolling lows, and a decent punch to cut through at the treble end of the spectrum.

To conclude, in some ways this baritone uke isn't that exciting. But it is good value, nicely made and has a good, solid tone.

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