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Kala Ziracote KA-ZCT-B Baritone Ukulele


Oh my word, this is a very stunning-looking ukulele! The ziricote body is a rich, warm, dark espresso coffee colour, beautifully figured fading to a lighter, amber shade in the centre. To carry on the coffee analogy, I suppose this is like an unstirred macchiato! The pattern is perfectly book-matched and the colour accentuated by the high-gloss finish. The visual harmony is completed by a satin mahogany neck, walnut fingerboard and heavily-chromed closed machine heads with black pegs.

Of course you might want to play it as well as gazing at it admiringly, and you will be pleased to know it sounds good too. It has a rounded tone and good projection with its 8 cm deep body. Like most Baritones, it comes with a wound D string. If it were mine (get thee behind me Ukulele Aquisiton Syndrome…) I would probably change the strings to Worth unwounds, but that’s mainly because I’m a bit heavy-handed and tend to go through the wound strings pretty quickly.!

Probably the most surprising thing about this Baritone is the price and just how much you get for it - it’s a very welcome addition to the extensive range offered by Kala.

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