Baritone & Bass Ukes

Lanikai ACST-CEB Solid Top Electro Baritone Ukulele


Lanikai's 2019 design ACST-CEB is a really nice instrument, with a solid acacia top, maple binding, D'addario strings and a Fishman Kula active pickup system fitted. There aren't too many cutaway electro baritones available and I'm happy to have this one in stock as it delivers a great tone too.

The sound seems very clear and focussed, not always the case with baritones that can seem a little 'wooly'. I am not sure 'wooly' is the right term, but 'loose' doesn't work either - and I usually say 'muddy' so was groping around for an alternative to keep things interesting! This ACST-CEB doesn't suffer from whatever adjective I was searching for, with a driving tone that seems to 'pop', even given the depth and pronounced bass that you get from all baritones. It punches and projects well in the trebles too to balance out nicely and tempt you into going up to the top end and really using that cutaway!

The package is supplied in a great quality gig bag.

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