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Pono AB5-PC Pro Classic All Solid Baritone Ukulele


This a lovely, professional level baritone ukulele from Pono. It could well be a great investment as a 'lucky omen'... as every time I've sat down at the keyboard to share my thoughts on this AB5-PC, a customer has come in or called to place an order. Four times I've been (pleasantly) interrupted in this way - leaving me less than keen to part with it. Well, that and the fact it is a real beauty!

This baritone has high grade solid acacia top, back and sides, with the sides separated by a lovely pale tropical wood called Wi'awa'awa. This binding looks a little like maple, but has a much cooler name! On the top, the binding is further embellished by a gorgeous layer of inlaid abalone - which is repeated in the inlaid soundhole ring decoration.

The AB5-PC is strung as a regular baritone uke, DGBE, with two wound bass strings (the strings are the own brand of Pono's parent company Ko'olau). The acacia-faced headstock has gold coloured closed tuners fitted, nice ones made by Grover.

The sound is an excellent mix of warmth and projection. Each note is nicely separated in the mix, while being part of a rounded, balanced and expressive richness. With the radiused fretboard it feels great to play too, making you want to explore the further reaches of the neck - where impressively, there is very little volume drop-off, even compared to open strings.

It comes equipped with a really robust black hardcase, which looks like it would be handy to keep valuables safe in the event of a nuclear war!

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