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Pono MBD Deluxe Mahogany Baritone Ukulele


One area I really feel that Pono excel in is with their baritones. They're big, robust and well made affairs, that deliver warmth and richness of tone. However, crucially they don't overpower you at the bass end of the spectrum. With a baritone sized body, you'd expect more volume and fullness, and these are delivered amply, but you can also complement this depth with subtlety - as the trebles aren't lost in the mix.

The Pono MBD deluxe baritone ukulele is one of the products the famous K-brand, Ko'Olau make in their Indonesian facility. The ukes are then shipped back to Hawaii to be inspected and set up by the experts. This care and attention adds a little to the price, yes, but a lot to the quality. The result is a very impressive and expressive instrument.

When World of Ukes first opened, my dad, a baritone player, asked the question 'have you got any Pono baritones in'? When I replied that I did, his next remark was 'oh dear'. Ukulele Acquisition syndrome is alive and well in my old man, and he knew this quality baritone was going to test him to the limit. He likes to plug in, but that's no problem either, as we offer this Pono MBD with a Mi-Si pickup too (if you give us a few extra days to fit it). With this on board, you have a truly fantastic electro baritone - a part of the ukulele market that is still poorly served.

The MBD designation stands for 'Mahogany Baritone Deluxe', with the deluxe part meaning you get a gloss finish. This really shines and brings out the grain in the high grade all solid mahogany tonewood - something that Pono leave largely unstained, and therefore different to the usual dark brown mahogany we're used to seeing. The finish also influences the tone, helping that freshness and clarity I mentioned earlier.

A simple rope motif soundhole decoration, as well as nice dark faceplace to the headstock are pretty much the only nods towards fanciness with the MBD, but the quality of its tone is more than a match for any visual distraction. The sound rolls over and through you, like a warm embrace, while the crispness of the trebles brings to mind the sound of a wave, gently hitting the sand as it rolls in from the ocean. Well... I confess to have got a bit over-poetic about things there, let me just say it sounds excellent and leave it at that!

The MBD from Pono has gold, geared tuners from Pono and is supplied with fluocarbon strings (the bass notes are wound). With each shipment, the fitted strings seem to change - but whatever they use, it tends to compliment this baritone.

So, I'd suggest you go for this lovely Pono MBD baritone... before my Dad gets his hands on it!


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