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Pono UL4-1 Steel String All Solid Baritone Ukulele


This is an interesting beast, the Pono UL4-1 all solid acacia baritone ukulele, designed and supplied with steel string in traditional bari tuning, DGBE. What is less traditional is the body size, which is more the size of a small travel guitar. This extra body size gives more resonance, and with the steel-string sustain, it sounds really impressive, loud and full. Of course, those strings give a zesty ring to the tone too.

The body is all solid acacia, finished with a matt varnish that is perfectly executed. The body also has a rope style decoration and the slotted headstock has a dark veneer - but otherwise the UL4-1 just lets the nice, streaked, solid wood do the talking.

The nut is 35mm in width, but with a lovely smooth neck and the narrow gauge of strings (steel strings having to be thinner than nylon or similar), it doesn't feel crowded at all. In fact, it plays very nicely indeed.

The UL4-1 is supplied with a super-durable hard case, specifically designed for this large body baritone.

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