UKE Magazine April 2018 Song Contest

song contest

April Ukulele Song Contest!

UKE Magazine has teamed up with Logjam to offer a song competition inspired by the theme of Spring! The competition will be judged by the three members of The League Of Ukulele Gentlemen, and entries must be in by the end of April 2018.

On offer to the winner is fantastic Logjam Travelog stompbox, giving you rhythm while you strum! The winner will also receive a care kit for your new instrument, plus it will be personalised with your name!


* To enter, record your song on video and send an email or private message with a link (preferred), or post it to the UKE Magazine page. It will be featured/shared to the main UKE Magazine Facebook page in due course.

* Worldwide entries allowed - but the Logjam prize can only be sent in the UK. In the event the winner is from outside the UK, the winner will get a year's UKE Magazine subscription, and the stompbox will go to a UK runner-up.

* Original songs and covers are allowed, but must have a connection to the theme of 'spring'. The judges have final say on whether the song fits the theme!

* All recordings MUST be made for this competition - entering something previously recorded is not allowed.

* All recordings MUST mention the video is for this competition, either spoken at the beginning of the video, or mentioned in a caption.

* Your video can, but doesn't have to feature you playing and singing.

* No instrumentals for this competition please - it's too hard to say they connect with the theme.

* Other instruments are allowed but videos must feature ukulele prominently.

* Groups can enter, but only one prize is given.

*Closing date 30 April 2018

* The judges decision is final