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aNueNue aNN-ASR2+ Large Body Concert Ukulele


I’d played the regular aNN-ASR2 concert ukulele from aNueNue and found it anything but regular. In fact it was exceptional. When I went to re-order it, aNueNue suggested I try a plus size model. No, I don’t mean a lady with more realistic proportions who takes to the catwalk… I mean a concert ukulele scale instrument with a body more in keeping with a tenor uke. The aNN-ASR2+ is that uke, and a darn fine one it is too. The larger body gives an even deeper sound than the richly blessed tone of the standard body, coupling with the solid spruce top to add glorious, singing highs into the equation.

I’m in the business of selling ukuleles and therefore read a lot of uke descriptions online. I’m in the happy position I only have to sell instruments I really like, so it always takes me aback a little when I read how amazing ukuleles are that I really don’t rate. I’m so glad I don’t have to write about the ‘amazing’ sound delivered by seriously average ukes as many online retailers do. To be honest, with ukuleles like the aNueNue aNN-ASR2 concert, my main problem is keeping a lid on a burning desire to write full-on romantic poetry about them!

The sitka spruce top on this fab aNN-ASR2 uke has a super-tight grain, indicating a tree that was grown in harsh conditions. Harsh conditions equals not much growth, leading to the rings of the tree being very close together. That creates a better substance for sound to vibrate and resonate through. So, this spruce tree had a tough life then got the chop, a sad story really. Except that it lives again in a beautiful instrument, complemented by lovely solid rosewood back and sides, a curved rosewood bridge, rosewood headstock cap and abalone soundhole rosette.

The aNueNue aNN-ASR2 ukulele has the manufacturer's own branded fluorocarbon strings, called Clear Waters (not to be confused with Living Water strings or Clearwater ukes!). These have a bright and dynamic tone, and stay in tune well, assisted by Grover geared tuners (branded aNueNue). The wide 38mm bone nut gives ample finger room for even those not blessed with slender digits, and together with a fine playing action, makes this a deliciously comfortable uke to play.

Accompanying this ukulele is a superb gig bag, with more padding than the aforementioned plus size model.

This was a difficult thing to do, this aNueNue aNN-ASR2+ review, given how magical the instrument sounds. Play, then type three words. Then play for five more minutes, then type three words. It feels like it took an age to write as I kept having to pick it up. Which is always a good sign!

This ukulele is available with the option of a fitted Mi-Si Trio pickup - if you go for this option, please allow an additional week for delivery.

Please click additional information at the bottom to view a video of this aNueNue aNN-ASR2 Plus in action.


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Our video of the aNueNue ASR2+ features Liam Capper-Starr playing his tune, Those Glances.