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aNueNue aNN-Tolele II E Electro Concert Ukulele


The Tolele is a really interesting concert scale hollow body electro concert from aNueNue. It certainly looks cool and unusual, with its relatively large, electric guitar style body. This is made from solid mahogany, with added chambers to reduce the weight. That said, it is still quite bulky, so the addition of two strap buttons was a good choice from the makers. There are tone and volume controls for the custom aNueNue active pickup (a PP3 battery is included in a compartment on the back), both with guitar-style knobs.

The body is smart and unfussy, with a chocolate brown stain on the mahogany body. The neat, 18 fret fingerboard is made from rosewood, as is the bridge – the latter featuring a black synthetic none saddle. aNueNue have fitted this Tolele ukulele with their own brand vinyl strings which are very slick on the fingers, should you wish to go for a world record in playing fast. (Record. Vinyl. Geddit?) Grover open geared tuners with black buttons are fitted to the signature shape aNueNue headstock.

There’s nothing new about chambered solid body electrics, although it has to be said those who prefer a concert scale have not been well served until now. This instrument allows those who like concert ukuleles to rock out on an electro solid body at last, when previously tenor ukes would have had to do. The Tolele II E feels very nice to play (most comfortably with a strap), with quite a shallow neck profile helping you to fret easily.

Acoustically there’s very little to this aNN-Tolele II E. It is a ‘quiet practice only’ concert uke when not plugged in, giving enough volume to hear yourself play, but not enough to overly disturb anyone else in the same room. In order to disturb them, you’re going to have to plug it in – and that’s where the fun starts! The tone control is very responsive, giving a wide array of sound styles, from mellow blues to crisp solos. It is difficult to tell how accurate the electrics are at reproducing the acoustic sound, as there’s so little of the latter! But suffice to say, what comes out of the amp is lively, fun and good quality.

You’ll certainly stand out from the crowd with an aNueNue Tolele II E, which work really well in a small gig situation – allowing you to impress onlookers with your skills, while looking different to every other ukulele player.

As is essential with an unusually shaped ukulele like this, the aNueNue Tolele II E comes equipped with its own good quality gig bag.


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