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aNueNue UC-214 Cedar Moon Bird Concert Ukulele *Exclusive*


This is a specially commissioned ukulele, exclusive to World of Ukes - available with free shipping in Europe or to the USA.

I am tempted to say this aNueNue UC-214 isn't very good. That's you should move on and choose another model. But, I'd be doing this only because I desperately want this concert ukulele for myself and want you to get something else so I can have it! To be honest, look through my various descriptions of ukuleles and I've said this about other models. My shop is full of lovely things, what can I say! However, I am deadly serious with this one. It is everything I want in a concert uke, just an absolute wonder. I love it. LOVE IT! As my own play has developed and I use all of the fingerboard extensively, I've come to realise that I have some stretching issues with my regular tenor ukulele - especially reaching four or five frets with my little finger - meaning a concert would be ideal for easier play of those pieces. So, I've had an eye out for a concert that would warm my heart. And this one... well, I've fallen for it big time.

I do like a cedar top, for a start... and this has a lovely, biscuit-brown, top quality solid cedar top, with a tight, uniform grain. This is joined by all solid rosewood back and sides, with beautifully contrasting striped patterns. The headstock has an ebony faceplate, finished like the rest of the uke, in a flawless gloss. The 'moon bird' part of the name comes presumably because it sings like a bird, plus the off-centre moon-effect spalted maple soundhole decoration, and the phases of the moon inlaid in the fingerboard as position markers. Add in the unusual cutaway body shape and it is a uke that stands out for all the right reasons. It comes in a great quality blue hard case, has aNueNue black water fluorocarbon strings and a bone nut and saddle, with Gotoh UPT planetary geared tuners to complete the picture. In short so far, top spec, top fittings, top looks and top materials.

On to the sound. This is the hardest part to describe as you pick the UC-214 to get a measure of it, then you lose yourself for 5 minutes playing every style you can think of, and hear it embellish and add sparkle to everything you play. Complete sweetness of tone, with a wonderful, controlled depth, scintillating clarity between notes and sustain to die for. You can play it subtly and it delivers a gorgeous, dreamy sound. Or you can play rapidly and hard and it chimes out like a little symphony of ukes played together.

Save me. Save me from myself!

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