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Baton Rouge V3-C Hawaiian Pattern Concert Ukulele

69.00 99.00

The thing about Baton Rouge is, they don't seem to make a bad ukulele. However, with the V3-C they've certainly made a uke that will divide opinions with its looks. It features a Hawaiian pattern etched into the spruce laminate top, and a dark stain on the rest of the body. The instrument may have its roots in Hawaii, but there's nothing really Hawaiian about this budget model, lets be honest.

However, and this is the more important part, it sounds really good - and at this bargain price, it represents really brilliant value. If you are used to playing more expensive instruments, while of course this Baton Rouge won't match that quality - this V3-C won't let you down as the tone is a rival to instruments two or even three times the price.

It handles well, has decent geared tuners and Aquila strings, plus a nicely arched back which seems to take the edge off the trebles for a more balanced, warmer sound.

If you're after a serious beginner ukulele, and don't mind the looks, it is a great buy. If you want something to keep in the boot for your travels, this is a real contender because of the excellent 'sound for the pound' ratio.

To be honest, even if you don't like the look of it, you don't play it with your eyes, right?!

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