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Big Island Long Neck Concert Chambered Body Electro Concert Ukulele


This very pretty instrument is a hybrid, with a body approximately the same as a concert ukulele - and a scale that matches a tenor ukulele.

The acacia used on the body is very pretty indeed, with lovely light golden streaks contrasting with darker lines, both of which show up every well against under the glass-like gloss finish. This sits on a chambered mahogany body, with hollow cavities to make it lighter and comfortable to hold. Then there's the manufacturer's choice of an unusual headstock shape and pretty turtle logo inlaid in abalone.

This chambered body electric does have an acoustic tone, but it is very quiet and suitable only for peaceful practise. It comes fitted a good quality Fishman passive pickup - which conveys a very 'uke-ish' amplified tone.

In order to get the most out of this instrument you'll need to get it running though an amp or PA system (or headphones if you want to liven up those practices). The control knob on the Big Island is a simple volume control - so extra shaping of your tone needs to be done through whatever your plug into.

This long neck Big Island ukulele comes in a robust and nicely padded light tan gig bag, so you don't need to worry about protecting it - as it should be with hybrid like this with concert body and tenor neck - nobody wants a long search to find a case for an unusually sized uke!

For those with a disposition towards knowing the official, quite often terrible names manufacturers give to ukuleles, this is the EUL-ACA-N/EB.

In additional information (see below), there's a video demo.

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A demo, with a clean and and then distortion.