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Freshman UKLCEDARC Solid Top Fishman Electro Concert Ukulele


Freshman's Lono series ukuleles use top quality tonewoods that appear on many of the company's award winning, high end guitars. This UKLCEDARC has a high grade cedar top with a lovely tight grain, with an arched back, made from very attractive laminate acacia.

As well as lots of abalone and maple binding to enhance the look, the UKLCEDARC is well specified too, with gold coloured Grover tuners, a slotted headstock, gloss finish and a Fishman Sonitone active preamp and pickup system, with tone and volume controls discretely tucked inside the soundhole.

The uke is nicely set up, with a 35mm nut width and a neck profile that is perfectly 'normal'. Not too chunky and not unusually thin.

When amplified, the performance is very good - with this Fishman system being one of the best of this type. Acoustically it is well balanced, with good volume and a nice sweetness - without sounding thin. A key feature is the retention of volume up to the higher reaches of the neck, which is impressive. While these ukuleles come with Aquila strings, we've replaced them with clear fluorocarbons which give much better sustain and get more out of the instrument.

This Freshman ukulele is supplied with a good quality gig bag - not your normal 'free' dust cover type!

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Freshman UKLCEDARC Concert Electro Ukulele.jpg
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