Concert Ukuleles

Freshman Wood Bodied Concert Resonator Ukulele


The Freshman concert resonator ukulele is a wood bodied instrument with a 6 inch chromed resonator cone. It is a good option for those who want to try and achieve a blues-style tone, without breaking the bank.

The wood body takes the edge off the metallic ring from the cone, giving a more mellow sound than all-metal resonators. There's quite a lot of punch still though, with the Aquila strings pushing through the mix well.

Compared to a top level National or Beltona, of course, this isn't as impressive, but for the money you pay, it is a great package. There are some nice touches with the cream binding and black and white purfling, as well as the f-hole twin soundholes, and it handles well, with a smooth rosewood fingerboard that is bound, preventing any rough edges.

If you are a dedicated blues player and want to play that style all time, a more expensive instrument than this could be justified. But if you want a good quality, reasonably priced uke to add to your arsenal when you feel yourself descending into the music of the blues, this is a good option to seriously consider.

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