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Imua MO-ICG All Solid Spalted Mango Concert


Love and marriage. Love and marriage. Go together like... Hawaiians and Ukuleles. Oh, ok, I need to work on the rhyme. But the thing is, a uke like this sends you a little bonkers. It is just too good to be true. Oh, it is such a joy! A wonderfully resonant, loud, sparkling, sustaining beauty!

If the action were any lower, the strings would be on the back of the neck - it is so perfectly set up. It delivers a clear and sustaining tone all the way up the neck. The all solid spalted mango is unusual and beautiful, radiating beneath the gloss finish.

It comes with Aquila strings - not everyone's choice on a high-end uke - but here's the thing, it sounds so good if other strings suit it better? Well, if it sounds any nicer the designer needs to be awarded a Nobel Prize or something. Stunning. S. T. U. N. N. I. N. G.

(If you can detect that I quite like this Imua MO-ICG concert... then you may well be correct. A super ukulele!)

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