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Journey J-UKE Solid Top Concert Electro Ukulele with Scoopaway

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Ukulele price £289. Worth String upgrade £8.

This an interesting solid top electro uke, with a top of the range gig bag. The top is made from Meranti, a far eastern wood that is has some properties similar to mahogany, but with a light weight. I would suggest pairing this J-UKE concert with Worth Strings, as it adds a punch to the otherwise 'medium' tone (not meant as an insult - it is a sound that isn't really bright, and isn't really warm, it's in the middle). With Worth strings on it really opens up. You can add Worth Browns as an option from the dropdown list - we’ll fit them for £8.

The back and sides are also Meranti, but a laminate this time, with the back featuring a nicely rounded back (very nice to stroke, if er... you're into that!). There's a nice 'scoopaway' design cutaway shape (made from Pau Ferro), which gives better access to the top end of the fretboard.

This J-Uke from Journey Instruments has a very spacious 37mm nut, which with makes melodies easy to play as you learn, given there's plenty of room for your fingers and more room for error! The open geared tuners with black buttons are lightweight, yet seem robust enough, and although the headstock is an unusual shape, it isn't unattractive.

This uke is supplied with an almost over the top gig back. If you used every loop, pocket and strap at once, you'd probably have to be a one man band. But, for normal folks, great padding, robust quality, pockets aplenty and even a rain cover should it precipitate when you're out and about with it.

It is also equipped with a proprietary passive pickup which really does the business. The tone when plugged is really impressive, comparable in my view to much more expensive passive undersaddle pickups.

If you click additional information below - there's a video demo of this one in action.

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A quick demo of the Journey J-UKE concert