Concert Ukuleles

Kala KA-ACP-CTG Solid Cedar Top Slothead Concert Ukulele


The Kala KA-ACP-CTG is one of my favourite model concert ukuleles, when you bring in lots of factors like price, sound, looks and build quality. I prefer it, personally, to some of the more expensive models from the same manufacturer - and believe that in this solid cedar top series the manufacturer have just 'got it right'. To be honest, I think it is underpriced if anything!

There are lots of really nice decorative features, starting with the top, which has a good, tight grain and pleasing colour - one that's seperated from the fantastically patterned laminate acacia back and sides by gorgeous red padauk binding. That same exotic wood is used on the soundhole decoration, while the slotted headstock has a multi-layered face, which is revealed in the slots very decoratively.

The uke has a walnut fingerboard and bridge, which nicely match the back (although conditioning with some lemon oil would darken it, if you are looking for the rosewood look, without worrying about dwindling rosewood supplies)...

The ukulele also has good quality geared tuners, from Grover, which feel strong and smooth It is fitted with Aquila strings. Whether the KA-ACP-CTG suits these best is of course, open to interpretation - and the tone if gives with the fitted strings is bright, breezy and powerful. Personally I've tried and very much enjoyed an even better sound with Worth Brown.

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