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Kala KA-SA-C Solid Acacia Concert Ukulele


Kala’s all solid acacia line of ukuleles, formerly called the ASAC series, delivers lovely looking ukuleles at very reasonable prices. There’s a reason that Kala are so popular and it stems from consistency. They’re produced to a really good standard, with good quality control – and the people who design and make them clearly know what they’re doing. The KA-SA-C concert ukulele offers a fine looking instrument with good specifications, and one that sounds good too.

Acacia is often called the ‘cousin of koa’, something which must be… wait for it, derived from the family tree! Apologies, moving on… It has similar tonal properties, lending itself to the brighter end of the spectrum. Certainly the Kala KA-SA-C sticks to this theory, with a fine clarity to the tone, but one that is perhaps a little deeper and richer than you’d expect too. The result is a uke comfortable for any playing style, from full, powerful chords, to delicate, crisp picked melodies.

The Kala KA-SA-C benefits from the acacia in more ways that just the sound, as the tonewood is also easy on the eye – with pleasant light and dark streaks breaking up the chocolate brown colouring. Making sure it isn’t too dark, there’s a lovely pale herringbone style purfling, made up of maple and ebony. This pattern is repeated on the ring around the soundhole, while hardwood binding completes the picture. Well actually, the interesting pearloid fretboard markers complete the picture. Or, you can look at the pictures and decide for yourself!

This concert ukulele from Kala is fitted with Super Nylgut strings from Aquila, which have a softer touch and more mellow tone than the standard Aquila strings these ukes used to be fitted with, something which gives the tone the more rounded character noted earlier. This is complemented by the ebony nut and saddle, which deliver a little more sustain. The closed, chrome geared tuners are reliable, if functional looking. Yet, you can forgive that as they’re there to be functional, after all!

While Kala now stretch into elite levels of ukulele, for some time this all solid acacia series was seen as their flagship range. And with good reason too, given they look and sound so good.

Kala make a version with an active pickup - but I love the Mi-Si acoustic trio so much I prefer to offer this uke as either acoustic only, or with that magnificent pickup fitted. If you take the latter option, allow a few extra days for delivery!


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