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Kala KA-ZCT-C Ziracote Concert Ukulele


There's no denying this is sweet looking uke! The laminate Ziracote body really is something to look at! Almost like a painting, its waves of dark and lighter grain look almost like the sea - plus the streak of golden heartwood is especially attractive!

Now, looks have some degree of importance. Nobody wants an ugly uke -but it has to play well too. Certainly the KA-ZCT-C concert feels well balanced and nice to play, with its very smooth fingerboard. And the tone too - bright, chiming and loud. That volume is maintained right the way up the neck, making it a good uke to progress to after basic starter models.

Whether it is worth the money is slightly subjective - and dependent on how much you value the thought of owning a visual showstopper! It is a sound uke with a nice tone but an equivalent without the beauty of this could probably be picked up for £20-30 less. Personally, it's such a lovely thing, I'd pay the extra (although yes, I WOULD say that... but I do mean it!)

If you click additional information, there's a video demo.

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A quick demo of the KA-ZCT-C concert uke from Kala