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Kiwaya KPC-100CE 100th Anniversary Cherry Concert Ukulele - Autumn


There's no getting away from the fact the price tag is high, but this is a handmade uke of tremendous quality. Although it might be the visual embellishments that first draw the eye - this is first a brilliant instrument that sounds amazing. It sounds utterly beautiful, with a subtle, harmonically rich and must be the most mellow ukulele I've ever played. And it sings and sings with epic sustain too!

The uke is fitted with Worth Browns, which feel nice and slippy on the fingers, and though they are quite high tension (and therefore usually not my favourite), the set up is so good, and action so low that they don't feel hard on the fingers at all. They seem to help create the dark, warm and mellow tone.

The decoration, on the theme of Autumn, is applied in part using solid gold powders, crafted into traditional patterns before the gloss finish is applied. Of course the back is the star, but the top has gorgeous motifs too, while the headstock features yet more beautiful work. The wood is lovely too, with a strong grain. Even the mahogany neck has dark red streaks in it, which blend in with the red of the back decoration - something I've not seen before.

The tuners are Gotoh UPT geared pegs, which are definitely the Rolls Royce of ukulele tuners - they're so good that tuning is actually a joy! The package is completed with a sensational hard case, to keep this precious ukulele safe.

You can own one of the most beautiful ukuleles available today, a piece of history and a work of art at the same time. A real collectors item but a superbly playable and brilliantly sounding one too. It is TOO GOOD not to play!

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