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Lanilkai FB-CETC Thin Body Electro Concert Ukulele


When considering the Lanikai FB-CETC, there's something that needs to be considered. The price. It is quite a lot of money, given it is a a laminate instrument. It is going to take all of my flowery ukulele describing abilities to convince you it is worth the money. But, I'm not going to. I'll admit it, it quite pricey. It is however, a very nice ukulele, and something a bit different. I don't think anyone would be unhappy to have one - just that they'd wish, like me, it was a little cheaper.

Take the price out of the equation and you have a very nice instrument. It has a good setup, with a wide neck (37.4mm), making the smooth walnut fingerboard nice and spacious - making it ideal as a more compact option for those who like larger instruments and need a travel option. On this theme, the thin body tapers from around 34mm to a maximum of 42mm.

The body has a cutaway for better access to the upper frets, a Nubone nut and saddle for better sustain, D'addario EJ88 strings which project well (ideal for the thin body), together with chrome geared tuners and fitted strap buttons (2).

There's also an active Shadow SH-3V preamp and undersaddle pickup, specifically made for thin body instruments, which works nicely - better than the Shadow equivalent for regular ukes in my opinion.

And the key - the sound, which is impressively loud (where does the volume come from!), rounded and smooth, in part due to the nicely arched back. Ok, it is most likely to be used as a travel uke, but everything about the tone makes it ideal for a main instrument too.

If you see listings saying it is supplied with a pod case? Sadly not, but it does have a good quality gig bag.

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