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Mahalo Java Concert Electro Ukulele

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This Mahalo Java concert electro ukulele is really quite nice - inexpensive but very good value. If anything, the Mahalo name might put a few people off, but they've come along way since the colourful but pretty grim sopranos of the past (they still do them, but they're a lot better too nowadays!)

The Java concert electro uke has a laminate mahogany body with a satin finish, with some nice grain showing through. There's some pretty decoration around the soundhole and the slotted headstock is a nice feature too. There are Aquila strings fitted and impressively for a ukulele of this value, it has a nubone saddle and nut, with the latter compensated for better intonation.

There's a built in tuner and volume and tone controls with the pre-amp, which in an inexpensive unit, yes, but again, for the value it isn't at all bad - not incomparable to similar units on more expensive instruments.

The tone is quite deep, surprisingly, obviously in the context of ukuleles - it is not as rich a bigger insruments but for a concert, there's a reasonable warmth there.

It comes equipped with a bag of sorts, more of a cover really, but it is better than nothing, just!

Overall it has a really decent specification and tone for the price, and certainly worth considering as a back up, a serious beginner or for someone wanting to dabble with plugging in a ukulele without wanting to break the bank.

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