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Ohana CK-28-5 Nunes Style 5-String Concert Ukulele


This Ohana CK-28-5 is a 5-string version of the vintage style ‘Nunes’ ukulele, with a distinctive body shape - primarily the very thin waist. The fingerboard is flush to the body, giving the top more resonance, making the sound smooth and giving plenty of volume.

The top and body are made of solid mahogany, a wood synonymous with warm tones - and this Ohana delivers those, particularly with the addition of the low G as part of the 5-string format. Aquila strings are quite bright in nature, giving the best of both worlds, with pronounced trebles alongside that low G (something that’s quite important to prevent the low G dominating the mix).

The fingerboard is particularly decorative, with the rope-style motif also visible around the soundhole and body binding - a style which runs all the way up the middle of the traditional 3-crowned headstock.

If you’re interested in vintage ukes, but prefer the safety of modern quality control - this is a good choice.

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