Concert Ukuleles

Pono MGCD Deluxe All Solid Mango Concert Ukulele


The Pono MGCD is the company's deluxe version of their all solid mango concert ukulele. These instruments are built to a really high standard with a finish that is equal to anything at this price range.

Mango has a nice, golden hue, with dark pores, making for an interesting, natural look. This isn't messed with by Pono, who only add a simple, but pretty, rope style soundhole decoration. There is an ebony veneer on the headstock though, which adds a nice contrast.

The set up is really nice, with an easy playing action and the tone is sweet, percussive and ringing. I sometimes wonder whether I'm imagining sweetness because it is mango, but no - it is definitely there! Although the volume is average, there's a lovely sparkle to the sound, with nice sustain and a traditional lilt. It really is exceedingly pleasant!

The MGCD is fitted with high quality Grover open geared tuners, and D'addario Titanium monofilament strings, which certainly seem a good match for this concert scale ukulele.

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