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Pono Pro Classic MC(C)-PC All Solid Concert Ukulele


This is a stunning looking Pono concert from their top line, the Pro Classic series. The MC(C)-PC has solid mahogany back and sides, paired with a tight-grained solid cedar top. The looks are embellished, with a gloss finish, ebony headstock cap, ebony binding, pretty purfling and an understated, yet attractive, rope-style soundhole rosette.

It is equipped with top quality friction tuners, which are less weighty - giving a better balance when you’re playing. The nut and saddle are bone (sorry veggies!) and the bridge and fingerboard, complete with mother of pearl position markers, are made from smooth ebony.

The uke delivers a lovely chime, with sparkling high notes. Cedar is somewhere in the middle of the bright-warm scale, with spruce and mahogany at either end, making this lovely concert something of an all-rounder.

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