Concert Ukuleles

Smiger ARS-09 Thin Body Concert Ukulele

139.00 169.00

This a lovely looking thin body uke, in concert size, with a solid spruce top. One of the striking features is the headstock shape, with its good quality closed geared tuners. The body also has rope bidning and purfling made from abalaone, which also makes up the soundhole decoration.

Adding to the impressive specification is the mahogany comfort edge, while the instrument also has two strap buttons fitted and Aquila strings.

With its thin body, while the sound is very sweet and pretty, the sound is a little on the thin side too. It responds much better to higher tension fluorocarbon strings, so if you have a set and go for this, stick them on! Alternatively, for an extra charge, I can do that for you - add this product to your basket

With the fluorocarbons, the sound is a lot fuller, with good sustain.

This model has very attractive spalted maple laminate on the back and sides, which looks great under the high gloss finish.

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