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Snail SR-05C Solid Acacia Top Concert Ukulele


This is a handsome solid top concert from Snail, with the SR-05C representing a really nice option for those looking to upgrade from a more basic uke, or to add a quality concert to their collection with a lot of spec., without breaking the bank.

Starting at the top, the headstock has Snail's interesting shape, with with the logo inlaid in maple in the hardwood veneer that features. Then, there's a bone nut and smooth ebony fingerboard, which is bound with rosewood, a material that also binds the body and is used on the smooth comfort edge.

The solid acacia top (described on most sites as koa - which is a species of acacia only grown in Hawaii), has a beautiful grain, matching the laminate on the back and sides.

The tone is even and well balanced, with a bit of something for everyone. It has a good punch, pronounced trebles but some fullness too. The acacia isn't as bright as spruce, or as warm as mahogany, but achieves a nice balance of each.

The gig bag included is nothing to write home about, but the stylish uke inside is worth scribbling a postcard to your ukulele club about!

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