Concert Ukuleles

Snail UKC-480E Zebrawood Concert Ukulele


The Snail UKC-480E is a nice ukulele for someone just starting out with the instrument - who wants something that looks the part but also sounds nice into the bargain. The laminate zebrawood body is very striking, and this is paired with ABS binding and abalone purfling and soundhole rosette.

One thing to note with Snail is that the 'E' in the name is there to denote the fact the bridge and fingerboard are made from ebony, not that it is an electro. That ebony is nice and smooth and makes the fingerboard pleasant to play. The uke also has good quality chrome tuners, so nothing at all to put you off.

You never quite know what strings Snail will use, with some models featuring D'addario titanium, and others using clear fluorocarbon strings. This model has standard Aquila strings which are reliable and last a long time. The tone is quite bright and quite traditional sounding, with a crisp nature that is rewarding and pleasant on the ear. That said, when you come to change strings, a fluorocarbon upgrade will give you more sustain, if that is what you desire.

A basic gig bag is included in the package.

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