Concert Ukuleles

Snail UKC-E458E Concert Ukulele


This Snail UKC-458E is a solid little concert uke, with decent performance, something that is more impressive when you consider the modest price. For clarity, that mention of it being solid is not in relation to the construction, which is laminate mahogany. That said, the tone is very good for a non-solid uke, with nice balance across the strings, tight trebles, but an overall softness to the sound which is really pleasing.

The mahogany used isn't too darkly stained, and therefore the dark tortoiseshell style binding makes a nice contrast. The ebony fingerboard and bridge are very smoothly done and they contrast nicely too.

The ukulele is fitted with Aquila strings, which add a bit of brightness to the bridge, robust chrome tuners and bone saddle and 35mm nut. The UKE-458E is also equipped with a basic gig bag.

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