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Concert Ukuleles

Snail UKC-E498 Ebony Concert Ukulele


The Snai UKC-498 is a nice looking concert uke, made from laminate mahogany, selected for its visual properties - with a nice variation in colours from dark chocolate brown to a lighter tone, similar to unstained mahogany. The overall darkness of the the hue is nicely complimented by the very pretty, decorative binding and soundhole rosette.

This Snail's playability is very familiar, with a 35mm nut and a neck profile that is totally standard in every way - not that that's a bad thing, there's no surprises, it plays fine! The geared tuners are chunky, but smooth-turning and robust, and the ebony fingerboard is impressively smooth.

When it comes to the tone, the UKC-498 sounds like a good laminate should, with good balance across the strings, a nice crispness at the top end, but an overall warmth and fullness that's impressive - particularly as the fitted Aquila strings have a tendency towards brightness.

The Snail UKC-498 is also equipped with a basic gig bag.

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Snail UKC-E498-Concert-Ukulele-Ebony-1.jpg
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