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Concert Ukuleles

Snail UKC-E498EQ Electro Concert Ukulele with Bag


This is a laminate ebony concert electro from Snail, with a very pretty tone, Aquila strings and an active preamp and undersaddle pickup.

The ebony used for the body is very attractive, with rich dark brown streaks providing a contrast to the paler shades in the grain. This is set off brilliantly by really intricate binding, the majority of which is maple, to again highlight that dark / light contrast. The overall look is very pretty indeed, and tidily made.

The tone is bright and pretty loud, with some good projection. I does this without being devoid of warmth, though having tried one with Worth strings on, that can be increased even further with a different string choice. Not that the Aquila strings fitted are bad at all.

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Snail UKC-458EQ-Tenor-Electro.jpg
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