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Uluru Kohola II Deluxe Concert Ukulele


Ooh, I do like a cedar top! This Uluru Kohola II is one of the fantastic ukuleles at World of Ukes that is tempting me severely. I, like many ukulele players, subscribed to the ‘my hands are too big for anything but a tenor’ theory at the beginning of my ukulele journey. Therefore I retained that preference for some time, nut now my desire to own more ukuleles is telling me that I need a concert! This particular uke is a really fine choice, with brilliant playability. There’s plenty of room on the fretboard on account of the 35mm nut width, plus a relatively shallow neck profile making it less of a stretch for your fretting fingers to reach the G string. I can play it as well as I can play any ukulele, so any deficiency is in me, not the uke!

The Uluru Kohola II is an excellent example of a fine quality concert uke that showcases what the East is able to produce. For too long, the Orient has seemed confined to cheap, mass produced ukuleles – but that is merely what we in the West choose to buy. The fact is, they can produce luxury lines like Uluru and aNueNue, and still make them extremely competitive. The build quality of this Vietnamese made instrument is truly outstanding.

The Kohola II’s solid cedar top has a beautiful grain. There’s ovangkol binding which extends up the ebony fingerboard and around the headstock, which of course features a stunning inlaid abalone whale motif. The solid rosewood back and sides are gorgeous too, as is the ovangkol and abalone soundhole decoration. And then my absolute favourite, a layer of maple in the side binding that is so thin, it looks like a lovely string of bright gold all around the body.

There’s a nice vintage style voicing to this Uluru ukulele. Everything about the sound is in perfect balance, with a resonant finish that brings to mind in-built reverb effects! The trebles are crisp, the bass is full-sounding and it suits any style of play that I throw at it. While I am not keen on Aquila strings on some ukes, if this had been my first try of them, I’d really, really be raving about them – as the match is bang on.

All in all, the Uluru Kohola II concert really stands up against ukes with bigger price tags. You can up the price a little further though, by choosing the option to fit a Mi-Si Acoustic Trio pickup. This takes us an extra few days, but when you get your hands on this gorgeous concert and plug it in through a really professional pre-amp and pickup… well, you’ll struggle to put it back into the luxury hard shell case that’s included in the deal.


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There's a sound demo of the Uluru Kohola II here.