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Elisabeth Pfeiffer Magic on the Uke Workshop, Gig and Open Mic, Wednesday 29th May

from 7.00

Wednesday 29 May, Workshop 4.30pm-6pm (£9). Gig (including the regular World of Ukes Open Mic night), 7.30pm - 10pm (£7), at World of Ukes

Joining us from Germany in May is ukulele performer, teacher and author Elisabeth Pfeiffer. In the afternoon she’ll teach some great tricks to help you unlock the potential of your ukulele playing in her ‘Magic on the Uke’ workshop, while later, our regular Open Mic night will start with a performance from this talented and interesting artist. (After that, you can join in, playing your own songs if you like!)

Of her workshop, popular on the European uke festival circuit, she says, “Do you sometimes wonder while watching performers: How on earth are they doing it? This workshop will show you a few ‘magical’ tricks to make your uke playing all shiny. We’ll have a look at how you can add something special to your songs, how to practice in a relaxed way and how to make it easier for you to play. There will be a chance to ask questions and have me take a look at your ‘problem areas’. Even if you haven’t been playing for a long time, there will be a ton of applicable ideas you’ll be able to take home from this workshop. Don’t hesitate to come by!”

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