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Ukes Agogo - Wednesday Ukulele Group 2pm


Subs will be £4 per person per week. Booking not required, just turn up.

Ukes Agogo is a Ukulele Orchestra, based at World of Ukes, Cecil Street, Carlisle. We meet every Wednesday 2 - 4pm. The aim of the Orchestra is to practice and perform music of all genres in a different way!

Using 4 or 5 ukulele parts and vocal harmonies to produce interesting and original versions of existing songs and original material. Don’t let that put you off though as there will be parts for all playing abilities and styles. It will be led by Andy Webster, who is an experienced Ukulele teacher and performer with the acclaimed trio “The League of Ukulele Gentlemen”. He comes from a classical music background and has played and written for all genres of music including: classical, pop, rock, ukulele... a bit of everything really. It will be an acoustic group so you can leave your amps at home, except of course for the bass player.

All music will be provided but please bring music stands and of course ukuleles!

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