Issue 16 is the latest edition of UKE Magazine - the only printed ukulele magazine in the UK that covers the full spectrum of the ukulele world; the stars, techniques, interviews, songs to learn and all the best uke gear.

December 2018's Issue 16 features Victoria Vox, the talented Wisonsinite who excels at songwriting, mouth trumpet and of course, the ukulele. She's joined in the magazine by Karla Kane and Cynthia Lin, while Manitoba Hal shares his knowledge of years on the road.

There are tunes to learn from Lis Pfeiffer and Phil Doleman, we look at some colourful ukuleles, discover how to use open tunings and focus on the different types of ukulele bass. And that's just some of the highlight of this beautifully designed, 60-page full colour magazine.