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Alesis iMultimix 16 USB Mixer with iPod Dock

299.00 599.00

This is a discontinued product which was £599 RRP and is still available in some places for £510. It is a 16 track, USB/iPod connected mixer and recorder with effects. It is compatible with the original iPod. Connectors to more modern iPod models are readily available - although the ‘record to iPod’ feature is an extra, and not integral to the product!

iMultiMix 16 USB is a sturdy, compact mixer with built-in recording to its Universal Dock for iPod or to a USB-connected Mac or PC. It also features 100 studio-grade 28-bit digital effects, limiter, and control wheel transport controls for iPod.

iMultiMix 16 USB is the first 16-channel mixer to fuse professional-quality mixing, three-band EQ per channel, guitar/line inputs, and iPod recording in a single, powerhouse package. For ultra-clean live recordings of any performance, home studios, stages, podcasts, and houses of worship, iMultiMix 16 USB is the perfect partner.

Integrated USB audio output enables you to move your recordings to a Mac or PC without special drivers or complicated set-ups. Steinberg Cubase LE 4 and Ableton Live Lite Alesis Edition recording software are included so no additional programs are needed for professional recording with iMultiMix 16 USB.

iMultiMix 16 USB also plays music from iPod so that it can be used as a source or backing track for live performance.

  • Integrated recording to iPod (5th Generation, 6th and 7th Generation Classic) and iPod nano (2nd through 4th Generation)

  • Eight high-gain mic/line preamped inputs (XLR and 1/4” balanced)

  • 48V phantom power

  • Limiter eliminates clipping on recordings

  • 16-bit, 44.1 kHz recording to computer or iPod

  • Two guitar mic/line inputs

  • Aux sends and returns

  • 100 onboard, 28-bit digital effects: reverb, chorus, flange, delay

  • Three-band EQ on each channel with high/low shelving and midband pass/reject

  • Steinberg Cubase LE 4 and Ableton Live Lite Alesis Edition recording software included


  • iMultiMix 16 USB mixer with Universal Dock for iPod

  • Power adapter

  • Software CD

  • User manual


  • Minimum system requirements
    PC: Windows XP (32-bit) or Vista (32-bit)
    Mac: OS X
    USB port

    Mic In Sensitivity Range: -60dBu to –10dBu nominal, +5dBu maximum
    Line In Sensitivity Range: -40dBu to -+10dBu nominal, +25dBu maximum
    Mic/Line Gain Range: +10 to +60dB

    High-Pass Filter: 75Hz, 18dB/octave
    High Shelving: 12kHz, +/- 15dB
    Mid Bandpass/Band Reject: 2.5 kHz, +/- 15dB
    Low Shelving: 80Hz, +/- 15dB

    Aux Send A & B Gain Range: -∞ to +10dB

    Aux Return A Gain Range: -∞ to +15dB
    Effects Level/Aux Return B Gain Range: -∞ to +15dB

    Channel Level Gain Range: -∞ to +10dB


    Main Mix, Ctrl Room Gain Range: -∞ to +10dB

    1/4” INPUTS:
    Stereo Aux Return Level: +4dBu nominal, +20dBu maximum

    Tape In Level: -10dBV nominal, +5dBV maximum

    1/4” OUTPUTS:

    Main Mix, Ctrl Room, Aux 3/4, Ext Aux Send Level: +4dBu nominal, +20dBu maximum


    75 ohm output impedance
    >105mW into 75 ohms, >40mW into

    Tape Out Level: -10dBV nominal, +5dBV maximum

    USB 1.1 connection to computer

    Quality: 44.1kHz, 16-bit stereo at 1411kbps
    Recording Time: 30GB: 2 hours, 55 minutes; 60GB: 4 hours, 30 minutes

    DIMENSIONS (W x L x H)
    13.0” x 19.0” x 3.25”
    331mm x 483mm x 83mm

    15.0 lbs / 6.8 kg (with adapter)
    12.0 lbs / 5.6 kg (without adapter)

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