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aNueNue Ukulele Strings - Clear Water & Black Water


These are aNueNue's own brand of Japanese made fluorcarbon strings. They come in two varieties, called Black Water and Clear Water. These are the strings fitted to their top ranges of ukulele - with the Clear Water seen on the ASOS series, and the Black Water on the Bird Series.

The Black Water strings have a very thin gauge, a slippy feel and ore tension than the Clear Water strings. On the fingers they feel a little like Worth Browns, but to my ear offer a little more resonance. They're exceptionally clear-sounding and made a great impression from the off - I got these strings in stock so I can get them on my own uke!

The Clear Water strings have a slightly larger gauge, but still have a slick feel to them. The tension is a little lower, but again, there's a clear, bright sound that rings and rings.

There's no such thing as the best ukulele strings. People might tell you there are, but there's only the best ukulele strings for you and your instrument. These are good quality strings that I personally like - maybe they'll be the perfect match for your ukulele? There's a good chance they will be!

All sets are regular ukulele tuning (with a high G)


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