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Aquila AGxAQ Nylon Aldrine Guerrero Tenor Ukulele Strings

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These are Aquila strings but not as we've seen them before... moving away from the Italian company's regular nylgut variations, and onto a refined nylon string they've developed with uke performer Aldrine Guerrero.

Describing strings and the sound they make is very tricky... however, to give it a stab with these I'd say very 'sparkly', nice and loud with a bit of punch and a smooth finish. I have used these on my own tenor ukulele and have no intention of taking them off! They seem a lot more lively than the Savarez I had on previously (though I'll maintain a liking for them as they'd served me well over the past 18 months!)

These strings are lovely and smooth for your fingers with a cool, tint of green. They're for tenor ukuleles with a high G.

The G string gauge is 0.029 inches / .74mm, with a 5.3kg tension

The C string gauge is .041 inches / 1.04mm, with a 4.7kg tension

The E string gauge is 0.032 inches / .81mm with a 4.7kg tension

The A string gauge is 0.028 inches / .71mm with a 6.2kg tension

These strings were developed with Aldrine who favours strings with a percussive, forward attack and you can see that working with these new Aquila AGxAQ strings, although they're not a one tricky pony, they've got a nice, smooth, long sustain also.

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