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Aquila Sugar Ukulele Strings - Soprano, Concert and Tenor Size


These are Aquila's bio-plastic ukulele strings, made from materials that come from sugar cane. Available via the drop-down menu below are soprano, concert and tenor size packs, all with regular re-entrant tuning (high G).

The first time these were tested, I tried eating some, which was silly. The flavour wasn't sweet at all. However, that sweetness did come through when I used them as intended, with a nice, forward attack followed by a long, mellow sustain. Completely different from regular Aquila strings and well worth experimenting with.

There are no 'best' strings. The best you can hope for is good quality strings which have the potential to unlock the winning combination between your ukulele, your ear and your playing style. These certainly fall into that category and are well worth a try. Just don't eat them.

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