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GHS Tenor Fluorocarbon String set with Wound C

6.00 8.99

These are high G tenor ukulele strings sets, with a wound C string. Aside from the C string, the others are made of clear fluorocarbon with a clear, bright and loud sound, and slightly higher tension. There are two types to choose from, regular and fingerstyle. Having tried them both, I can’t say I can tell much difference between the two, but I’d say, if in doubt, if you mostly pick, then go for the fingerstyle ones… though I wouldn’t worry about it too much.

A wound C is not to everyone’s taste, and yet some people swear by it. If you’re on of those people, as I’m trialling these strings, I got them at a great price - and I’ve passed the discount on. The price is inclusive of delivery in the UK!

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