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James Hill - Booster Uke: Beyond Beginner in 10 Lessons Book & CD

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This is a title from the fabulous James Hill, with this book and CD available from official European James Hill ukulele stockist, World of Ukes. Priced £15 per book/cd. Shipping is free in the UK. For other EU countries, please add 'EU Shipping' to your order from the dropdown list (£3 per order only, not per book!)

Official description:-

It's Innovative. Most beginner ukulele method books teach the same old thing: three chords and a basic strum.  All too often this leaves you stuck without knowing how to make progress. BOOSTER UKE uses the magic of Chord Twins to help you avoid the "beginner's plateau."

It's Tried and True. Written and presented by James Hill, BOOSTER UKE is the product of over a decade of workshops and lessons all over the world.

It's More than a Method Book. BOOSTER UKE includes audio tracks for all exercises and repertoire recorded by James Hill so you can hear exactly how they should sound.  Plus, if you subscribe to The Ukulele Way you get a two-camera, HD video tutorial for every lesson!

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