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James Hill Tutor Books 1-6, The Ukulele Way Series

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James Hill's brilliant series of ukulele method tutor books, now available in the UK and Europe, priced £17 per book/cd. Shipping is free in the UK. For other EU countries, please add 'EU Shipping' to your order from the dropdown list (£3 per order only, not per book!)

The Ukulele Way is a series of six books that teach you how to play melody, harmony and rhythm simultaniously. Renowned performer and teacher James Hill de-mystifies this musical juggling act step-by-step with clear, well-organized lessons, helpful exercises and a wide selection of repertoire.

The Ukulele Way covers:

  • Scales and chords

  • Single, double and triple strums

  • Flatpicking

  • Fingerpicking

  • Combining melody and harmony

  • Arranging for solo ukulele

  • Improvisation and more!

Of course, technique without repertoire is no fun so The Ukulele Way includes a wide range of popular, traditional, jazz and classical arrangements, each recorded by the author on the Companion CD (included).

Book 1 covers: The Open Strings; Melody, Harmony and Rhythm; Mystery Melodies; Understanding Voices. Two variations of Shortnin' Bread, Acadian Lullaby, All Night Long and Roving Gambler are included with this book.

Book 2 covers The C Major Scale; Workhorse Chords; Interlaced and Synchronous Arranging; The partial Roll. Buffalo Gals, Carnival of Venice (Interlaced) Carnival of Venice (Synchronous), All Night Long (Synchronous) and Li'l Liza Jane are the included arrangements.

Book 3 covers The F Major Scale; The Double Strum; Playing in Thirds; Chording on and Off the Beat. Take This Hammer, Long, Long Ago, Streets of Laredo, Au clair de la lune and Donkey Riding in 2 variations are the included arrangements.

Book 4 covers The Harmonized C Scale; Harmonizing a Melody; The Triple Strum; Harmonizing in F, Fingerpicking, The Dominant 7 Chord. Santa Lucia, El Tortillero, Slumber Song, Ah! Si mon moine voulait danser, Spring (First Movement Theme), When Irish Eyes Are Smiling, Drink to Me Only With Thine Eyes in 2 variations are the included arrangements.

Book 5 focuses on chromatic melody and harmony, including lessons on the chromatic scale and secondary dominant 7 chords. Repertoire includes: Capital Blues, Ciribiribin, two pieces by Mozart (German Dance and Minuet from Don Giovanni), Spring Song (Mendelssohn), a fun and challenging arrangement of I've Been Working on the Railroad plus a fingerstyle arrangement of the classic jazz standard Ja-Da!

Book 6 focuses on relative minor chords, Roman numerals (harmony) and ostinato, including lessons on flatpicking and tremolo, Campanella picking and blues improvisation. Repertoire includes: Wayfaring Stranger, Elenke, To See Swainson, All the Pretty Horses, St.Louis Blues, Hone A Ka Wai, and Intermezzo Russe.

Books 1 and 2 are for beginners, books 3 and 4 intermediate and 5 and 6 advanced.

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