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Jowroom T2 Smart Ukulele Tuner - Does The Work For You


This is a great device for people who have a lot of ukes, run uke groups or do workshops, or just want to get started straight away when they’re playing. The attachment on the end is placed over your machine head’s button, pluck that string and it automatically tunes, and then fine tunes the string for you. It is accurate, easy to use and a real time saver if you have multiple ukes to tune. If you’re re-stringing a ukulele, this can save a lot of time too.

It has a clear display and sturdy construction, and charges via a USB port so no purchasing spare batteries from Poundland anymore!

A couple of notes. It works with Risa sticks. It does not like Gotoh UPT tuners, and Gotoh friction pegs that have large chunky buttons!

It works with guitars and other stringed instruments too. Have a look at a video demo of the Jowroom T2 by clicking additional info below.

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