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Kinsman KAA70 JustPro Battery Powered Buskers Amp for Ukulele and Voice

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This Kinsman KAA70 JustPro busker's amplifier is a great bit of kit. It also has lots of nobs and dials to twiddle! What do they do? Read on...

This rechargable battery amp has a lithium battery which gives four hours of play, or can be used with mains power. There's a display on the unit to let you know how much battery is left too, so you'll not get any nasty surprises.

It has 70 watts of power, so can fill small halls with sound, and if you're outside, it can deliver plenty of volume to make sure your sound isn't lost. The two 5 inch speakers have very impressive sound quality and the KAA70 has two channels for a mic and an instrument, so you can sing and play at the same time. Each channel has seperate reverb controls built in, to help you get the balance right on your uke and voice. They also have individual EQ controls to futher help you shape your sound. The mic channel has an input that allows a second instrument to be used instead of the amp, while as well as reverb, the instrument channel has a really good chorus effect too.

This battery amp includes an AUX in / I-Link port allowing you to use backing tracks, and there are settings to allow you to play live, or through to a mixing desk for recording. It will also connect to bluetooth devices so you can play music to it through your phone or device.

At just 5.58kg without its bag, it is lightweight and not at all cumbersome, standing about as tall as a soprano uke. And it comes with a really well padded bag, with pockets for accessories and the included power supply. It'll stand on its end, or horizontally too. It also has a recess allowing you to mount it on a speaker stand.

The rep for this product showed me it, telling me he used one with this band. Oh yes… I thought. Just like when the car salesman drives the exact model of car you’re looking at, every time. But then he showed me videos on his phone and it was very impressive. I was sold!

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