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Legibao Wireless Ukulele System - Digital Alternative to Jack Leads


This Legibao wireless system for electro ukes and basses removes the need for jack to jack leads, with two units that communicate a signal between uke and amp. You plug one end into the uke's jack socket, and the other in your amp, DI box, mixing desk or PA system. It then does the same job as a jack to jack lead, but leaves you free to move about the stage, or even wander into the audience.

I sourced these wireless systems direct from the factory, after stocking and selling a well known brand (in small quantities) for a number of years. They were great, but the problem was they were over £100 for a pair. This is what the desciption of that product said: -

You get a 20Hz–20kHz frequency response, a compact form factor with no bodypack or wires, only 6ms of latency.

Now, you might not know what that means, or care. To be honest, if they work, they work, right?! However these wireless uke systems have the same frequency response but less that 4ms of latency. This latency, the delay between you playing a note, and hearing it amplified is in effect, so small it is imperceptible.

The two robust units take about two hours for a full charge, and will work for a comfortable four hours - so that's one very long set they're good for! They come with a USB charging cable, but not an actual plug - so you'll need to charge it from a computer or a phone charger with a USB socket.

They're packed well and come with instructions - but are pretty easy to understand!

Only one point of caution, they have four channels only. So, groups of over four can’t use them without the units interfering with each other’s signal. If more than one person is using a system, you will need to select a different channel each, which you can do quite easily.

I wanted these to be affordable as possible - so the margin is very tight, so I regret I can only send these with free shipping in the UK.

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