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Smart Mixer - Get Pro Audio on Your Mobile Phone Videos

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Have you recorded yourself or your ukulele group with a mobile phone, liked the images but been dismayed by the poor quality sound? I know I have! This device is an easy to use mixer, with mounted professional grade microphones that you can use with your mobile phone (Apple or Android) to record great quality sound to your mobile videos.

This makes it easy to upload to YouTube, Facebook or other social media sites, as one video file, but using the pro audio mics instead of your phone’s tiny built in microphones. The result, fantastic sound quality on your music videos.

It comes equipped with a hand held holder (which will screw into a mic stand or tripod), allowing you to mount your phone. You can then set it up on a stand or move around with it, montitoring the volume with headphones (if you wish), seeing the sound level on the back of the mixer, while seeing the image you’re recording on the screen on your phone. The result is far far cleaner.

It uses a 9V battery but can also use phantom power, and can mount or connect to various other mics and accessories.

If you’re not a technical wizard, no matter, it it is really easy to use. Mount your phone, plug in the mixer, point the microphones at what you’re recording and easily adjust the levels so you get a perfect mix.

This gives you one excellent solution alongside your phone for recording your uke band and getting the best sound possible - rather than tinny sound from cheap phone cameras.

There are one or two cheap versions of this knocking around the internet, but I’ve purchased through the official distributor so that there’s support on hand should anything go wrong.

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